Learn Exactly How Hundreds Are Going From Zero To A Profitable Product In 7 Days


Digital Product Accelerator

Create And Launch Your Own Digital Product In 7 Days And Start Making Passive Income!

In this course, I teach you exactly how I went from not having a product to sell or any sort of passive income streams to creating consistent $20K+ months working less than part time hours each week!

Imagine how different your life could look a month from now... If you actually decided to take a chance on yourself and commit to the next 7 days and FINALLY HAVE THE FREEDOM to do more of the things you love!



This is for anyone who wants more time freedom, to create streams of passive income, and is willing to put in the work to make it happen! I take you from having no idea what to create to coming up with your profitable digital product. This is also for anyone who is sick of trying every "side hustle" and can never really seem to make anything actually stick!


This is formatted in video lessons and meant to be completed in 7 days. There are also bonus worksheets and templates to help you speed up your success! I could easily charge $1000 for this course, but want to keep this accessible for anyone who is willing to put in the work to create passive streams of income and change their life!


Absolutely! You will get lifetime access to any ongoing additions, or improvements that I make to the course. You will always have the most current and up to date information on creating a profitable digital product.


This course gives you direction on how to create ANY type of digital product. From PDF download to digital course. How you outline and structure are the same no matter the format. I want to see you succeed no matter what kind of digital product you decide to create!

You're In The Right Place If You've Been Feeling...

  • discouraged from all the ways to make money that have you've tried but never actually work out

  • stressed out trying to figure out how to make ends meet

  • like taking a day 'off' will be a financial setback

  • tired of trading time for money

It's time to start creating sustainable streams of income that support your dream life! The Digital Product Accelerator shows you EXACTLY how!

Here's What You'll Learn:

Day 1: The Foundations For What Make A Product Profitable

Learn the in's and outs of what makes a digital product people actually want to buy. You'll get clarity on who you are going to help and how you're going to help them using your expertise, passions, and interests. And don't worry if you don't think you're an "expert" at anything, I've got you covered! You'll go from feeling like "I have no idea where to start?!" to "I can't believe I'm ACTUALLY doing it!!"

Day 2: How To Build A Brand

Get clarity on what kind of branding will attract your dream customers, but also build a brand that people can't resist coming back for more and wanting to buy any other product you create. You'll learn that branding is SO much more than logos, fonts, and colors.

Day 3: Step By Step How To Create Your Product In Record Time

A step by step walk through of how to create a digital product people actually want to buy and you feel excited to sell! You'll apply your passions, experience, and unlock your expertise and turn it into product that someone else cannot WAIT to get their hands on! Creating your first digital product is simple... just have to know the RIGHT steps to take to do it successfully! 

Day 4: Pricing Your Product To Make Maximum Sales

Learn about the psychology behind pricing your digital product, and even get comfortable with selling your digital product. Even if you've never sold anything in your life! You'll also be taken through the different strategies you can use to perfectly price if you decide you want to make more products in the future.

Day 5: Learn How To Set Up A Basic Sales System To Sell On Autopilot

You'll learn the insider secrets to actually making passive income. Learn to sell your product and make passive income for YEARS to come, even when you're sleeping, on vacation, or off doing the things YOU want to be doing! 

Day 6: Content Strategy & Marketing Basics To Attract Your Dream Customers 

You only need ONE product to make passive income over and over for YEARS to come. I'll share basic marketing strategies to attract your dream customers, and have people knocking down your door trying to buy your product. You'll learn how to create simple content that converts into maximum sales... even if you are starting a new social media account!

Day 7: Pre Launch & Launching Your Digital Product 

Get the strategy behind making sales the DAY you launch and have people waiting to buy your products! What's creating a product, if you don't make sales. Everything you did the rest of the week has set you up for success and to make launching your product easier than you ever thought possible!

What If This Was All Possible, Even If...

  • You don't want to be on social media 24/7

  • You're not super tech savvy

  • You have no idea what kind of product to create

  • You have no idea what kind of product to createYou don't feel like you're an "expert" at anything...

Digital products have completely changed my life and they can do the same for you! The possibilities are endless with digital products...

I've tried SO many different ways to make passive income and money online, and I can tell you hands down that selling digital products is the simplest online business to setup, to sell on autopilot, and to grow your streams of passive income!

It's time to stop wishing it was you and start doing the thing!

How would your life change with a stream of passive income?! If you were able to make $50/day with your digital product, you would make an extra $1,500 a month completely passively!

What could you do with that?! How would that change your life?!

Ready to create your profitable digital product?! Grab The Digital Product Accelerator Today!